Computer Systems Integration is a full-service consulting organization serving Connecticut businesses, governments and schools. Our in-house expertise is in network engineering and design of  LANs and WANs and specialty installations such as Firewalls, VPN and voice-over-IP.

Our Staff
We pride ourselves on maintaining a high quality, knowledgeable staff. Our staff are Microsoft, Novell and Cisco certified networking professionals who take pride in work and will go to great lengths to ensure that our customers are satisfied. Our support personnel take pride in their ability to communicate with you on your level. Our success hinges on being able to solve your problem quickly and with a high degree of professionalism and communication. Customer service is the focus of our support staff and unlike many other companies, we spend our time and money to provide it.

Our Mission
To provide the most cost effective support services to our customers while giving them a competitive edge in their market place. We accomplish this by implementing well designed and well planned network projects and provided necessary training and support to keep these networks running smoothly. Our success is our customer’s success.

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Computer Systems Integration

Is Your Company’s Data Secure?



How secure is your data from hackers, from unauthorized internal access, from data loss, from internet abuse, and other security risks? We will take a look at a number of areas including:



Contact us today and take advantage of CSI’s free Preliminary Security Assessment. Call (860) 612 1047, or email info@xdf.net.
·         Virus Protection – Is your current solution adequate to meet daily threats

·         File Systems Security – Passwords, lockouts, group memberships

·         Internet Security – Who has access, open ports, and firewall configurations

·         Physical Security – Who has access to servers, hubs, switches, routers

·         Data Loss – Backup procedures, off-site storage and power protection

·         Remote Access – Who has access, VPNs and firewalls

·         Intrusion Detection – One time, or ongoing monitoring

·         Intrusion Prevention – Preventing internal and external access

·         Vulnerability Assessment – Remote and internal intrusion testing

We can now help you develop a plan and setup systems to take care of one of the most important aspects of recovering from a disaster, data recovery. Don’t wait until it’s too late to determine what your network’s critical components are and how to recover from loss of your business data. To assist you in preparing for such a contingency, Computer Systems Integration has a number of data recovery service options available.




Computer Systems Integration is a provider of network systems and support solutions for small and medium sized businesses in Connecticut. CSI’s Cromwell, CT office contains a network operations center, administrative offices and an R&D Lab. CSI is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Provider, Microsoft Academic Reseller, Cisco Premier Partner and HPE Enterprise reseller. CSI has been in business in Connecticut since 1993.



Hosted and Cloud Solutions. CSI offers customized hosted packages including :

  • Website hosting with CMS products such as WordPress on Microsost IIS platforms
  • Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes with web access portal and custom landing pages for your business
  • Certificate services
  • Domain Name Registration and hosting
  • Hosted Virtual servers shared and dedicated on VmWare or Hyper-V
  • Dedicated data center colocation space
  • Online hands free backup from 20Mb to 100Tb


Projects Solutions. CSI provides complete IT solutions to enable its customers to increase efficiency, save on operating costs, and get an edge on their competition. Some solutions can include VPN, Voice-IP telephony, email and workgroup, client-server database, website and electronic commerce, thin client computing, remote and wireless connectivity, and Internet access.


Consulting. CSI offers mid and high-level IT consulting expertise to its customers. This usually requires CSI to be very aware of its customer’s business strategy and operations. CSI provides technical expertise in implementing and managing projects as well as day-to-day IT operations. In addition, CSI consultants work on behalf of their clients to address problems and issues with other parties including telephone companies, database developers, third-party application designers, and equipment providers to ensure that IT is being managed properly to the satisfaction of the client.


Service. CSI provides outstanding service on computer networks, serves, PC, switches, routers and WAN connections. This service includes diagnostic, troubleshooting repair and replacement. CSI also provides application hosting and applications outsourcing for qualified business customers. CSI operates on a retained basis or service contract with most clients, but can accommodate specific customer requirements. Managed Services is our most recognized offering that we pride ourselves in, proven by the extremely high retention rate of our customers realized by their testimonial satisfaction and recurring business.


Web & The Internet. CSI is a full service ISP (Internet Service Provider) and can provide, host, and design your business’s website and email. CSI provides high speed digital Internet connections to small and medium size businesses in Connecticut using digital copper and fiber multiplexed circuits like T1 and OC.   Internet access rates start as low as $325 per month at fractional T1 speeds. CSI’s Internet backbone is 90% undersold ensuring 100% throughput at maximum capacity all the time. CSI provides an SLA (Service Level Agreement) to guarantee uptime and throughput. For businesses requiring reliability and performance that DSL and Cable Internet cannot provide, T1 is the best choice and isa available in all parts of Connecticut.


Private Wide Area Network (WAN). Is your business occupying multiple suites or are you growing into your first remote site? CSI can help by connecting your sites together using VPN or Private Line connections. This is a complex task involving costing, provisioning, installing or Internet or private line circuits. CSI specializes in this area and can get your remote sites talking quickly and at the lowest cost to your business.


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